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water purifier common fault problems, hand to hand to teach you how to troubleshoot, so that you can easily deal with the water purifier, enjoy good quality water.

first, the high pressure pump does not start, can not make water

1. check whether there is power failure and whether the plug is plugged in

2. check whether the low-voltage switch is out of order and cannot be connected to the power supply

3, check whether the water pump and transformer short circuit, or the circuit connection of the whole machine is wrong

4. check whether the high voltage switch or water level controller is out of order and cannot be reset

5, check whether the computer box is faulty (refers to microcomputer)

high pressure pump works normally, but can not make water

1, high pressure pump loss of pressure

2. water inlet solenoid valve is defective and cannot enter water (no pure water or waste water) (whether it is connected backwards or not)

3. filter element blockage (no pure water wastewater or very small wastewater)

4, check valve failure (there is waste water but no pure water)

5. automatic flushing solenoid valve is out of order and cannot be effectively closed (it is always in the flushing state)

6. do not close the recoil solenoid valve if the computer box is faulty (it is always in the flushing state).

7. ro membrane blockage

high pressure pump does not stop

1. the pressure of the high-pressure pump is insufficient to reach the pressure set by the high-pressure pump

2, the check valve is blocked, no pure water

3, high pressure failure, unable to take off

4. solenoid valve fails and cannot be opened effectively

the high-pressure pump is shut down, but the waste water is not stopped

1, electromagnetic valve failure, can not effectively cut off water

2, the computer box has a fault, can not close the solenoid valve (refers to microcomputer)

3, water electromagnetic valve closed lax, or install the check valve return water caused by waste water, waste water of two kinds of circumstances outflow, the former is a kind of tap water, the latter is purified water, water quality of water is not the same as before a more blunt, a flow is small, after the waste water, due to check valve can be closed ball valve, the water tank water flow stops, can be judged.

4, solenoid valve failure, can not effectively cut off water (inspection method: close the pressure bucket ball valve, if there is still waste water, it can be determined as solenoid valve failure).

5, still have a kind of circumstance, close water to enter solenoid valve to open again, if the machine is normal, judge water pressure is too high, cause solenoid valve cannot close flexibly, consider to adjust water total beat to reduce water pressure.

6, reverse valve pressure relief, small waste water, inspection method: close the inlet electromagnetic valve, if there is still waste water, it can be determined as reverse valve pressure relief.

5. the machine repeatedly takes off and cannot stop completely after the water is full

1. insufficient raw water pressure

2. replace the reverse valve for pressure relief

3. high voltage switch or liquid level switch fails

4. check the leakage of all components if there is pressure relief in the system

the pressure bucket is full of water, but the pure water cannot flow out

1, pressure barrel pressure leakage

2. rear activated carbon is blocked

3. whether the pressure bucket ball valve is damaged

7. insufficient pure water flow

1. the first three filter elements are blocked

2. insufficient pressure of high-pressure pump

3. ro membrane blockage

4, waste water ratio imbalance or waste water valve is not closed tight

5. post activated carbon plugging

6, pressure barrel pressure or internal damage

7. the water is too cold

8. raw water pressure is too low

what is the cause of water leakage near the pipe connection?

1. check whether the pe pipe head is cut flat

2. check whether the plug is in place

3. check whether the screw cap is tightened

abnormal noise during operation

1. check whether the check valve fails or ages

2, check whether the booster pump quality problems

the tds value of purified water is the same as that of tap water

may appear in the product just installed, a large range of disassembly of the water machine, after the new installation may be wrong to connect the high pressure pump and ro membrane shell between the pipe directly to the back activated carbon tee, so that the high pressure pumped tap water directly into the storage bucket. solution: correct switching.

what's the reason why the machine doesn't work?

1. check whether the power is off and the plug is reliable

2. check whether the connection plug of low-voltage switch falls off or fails to work so that the power contact cannot be returned to position

3. check whether the connecting wires of each terminal are detached

4. check whether the tap water pressure is too low to cause the low-voltage switch not to work

treatment method:

a. connect the plug that comes off

b. replace the low-voltage switch

c. install the loose connecting wire

twelve, the pure water made bad taste or smell

1. check the removal effect of ro membrane, whether it is reduced or ineffective

2, check whether the pure water and waste water end of ro membrane shell partition or crack

3. check whether one end of ro membrane rubber band is suitable or damaged

4. check whether post activated carbon is effective

xiii. serious imbalance between pure water and waste water

1. check whether the flushing solenoid valve is damaged

2. check whether the waste water proportioner is blocked or excessively conducted

3. check whether ro membrane is blocked or the removal rate drops seriously

the machine keeps washing

the waste water is not tight at the start of the failure or flush

loud noise

1, check whether the raw water pipeline water, resulting in idling booster pump, resulting in the pure water machine noise

2, check whether the raw water is normal, if there is no tower water supply, whether there is gas in the water

3, check whether the booster pump fault, vibration, friction, etc

4. check whether the pure water machine is placed firmly

5, check whether the water pipe is too long, pump vibration makes the pipe hit the shell

6. check if boiling hot water causes excessive noise

7. check whether the compressor is normal

16. water leakage

1. check the water way of pure water machine to find the leaking point

2, check whether small unicom leakage

3. check whether the water fountain is leaking

no pure water comes out

1. check the pipeline of pure water machine and straighten out the pipeline of pure water machine

2, check the pure water mechanical and electrical source, connect the pure water machine 220v alternating current, if the pure water machine input power is normal, check the transformer output voltage

3. check whether the high voltage switch or the float switch is out of order and cannot jump back

4, check the inlet solenoid valve, turn on the outlet of the solenoid valve normally, connect the power supply, check whether the water is flowing, if not, turn to the next step of testing, open the raw water ball valve, check whether the filter element before reverse osmosis membrane is blocked, such as blocking replacement, if the water is flowing, the solenoid valve is damaged.

5, check whether the pressure after the booster pump meets the requirements, if less than 0.3mpa need to be replaced

6. open the pure water port of reverse osmosis membrane. if no water comes out, the reverse osmosis membrane will be damaged

7, check whether the discharge of waste water is too large, so that the proportion of pure waste water imbalance

8. check whether the activated carbon filter element is blocked

18. tds value is too high

1. firstly, the tds value of raw water was detected, and the desalination rate of r/o membrane was about 96%

2. if the reverse osmosis membrane is newly replaced, it needs to run for 20 minutes before measurement

3. confirm whether the storage time of purified water in the storage bucket is too long

4. if the post activated carbon is replaced, it also needs to be washed

5. when measuring the pure water quality, please measure from the pure water mouth of reverse osmosis membrane

6, if the desalination rate of ro film is lower than 90%, measurement should consider whether there is an internal leakage can be treated as follows: remove ro film, ro film on the left side of two small waterproof apron, can be wrapped in the two small apron amount of raw tape, and then installed measurement.

7. whether the removal rate of ro film is reduced

8, ro membrane shell of pure water mouth crack, pure water and waste water mixed

9, high pressure pump pressure is insufficient

10. the tds value of raw water is too high

11. filter elements are not replaced regularly

12. reverse osmosis membrane can be replaced after eliminating the above reasons

the machine does not stop

1. the high-voltage switch is damaged

2, booster pump pressure is insufficient

3. check valve is blocked

4, computer box control failure

5. insufficient pressure of high pressure pump

6, pre filter element or ro film blocked

twenty, booster pump leakage

booster pump head set screw loose or aging gasket

21. the pump stops when the automatic flushing is started

if the raw water pressure is insufficient or the first polypropylene fiber is blocked, please install a press or replace the filter element

22, stop the state, the waste water flow

water inlet solenoid valve cannot be locked, please open it to check whether there is any debris stuck or damaged

twenty-three, straight drinking water is not pure

1, ro membrane desalination rate reduced or even failure

2. the pure water and waste water ends of ro membrane tube are not strictly separated with cracks

3. one end of ro membrane rubber band is too small or broken

if the leak is very small and not easy to check, you can test with a dry facial tissue

24, do not make water, and long sound alarm

1. whether the water and electricity are normal

2, increase pump rotation, there is no waste water, if there is waste water, there is no problem with the inlet system, drainage system, the check valve is stuck, no pure water out of the tap; whether the membrane is scrapped ahead of schedule, or has reached the service life, the water is not smooth or not water; there is no blockage elsewhere

3, if there is no waste water, check whether the inlet solenoid valve can not open, water through; in addition, check whether the filter element has been blocked, to the replacement period

4. the pump does not turn and there is no water. check whether the filter element is blocked and whether the motor is damaged

5. no pump pressure (the pump also operates)

6, abnormal circuit check electricity

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