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issuing time:2019-08-01 10:31

water purifier in the home with a long time must be timed to its filter element replacement, because some scale and impurities will adhere to the filter element, a long time, not only can not filter tap water, but also pollute our water quality. so the new filter element of water purifier has been bought. do you know how to replace it? which replacement methods are simple and convenient?

replacement of filter element of water purifier

the replacement cycle of filter element of household water purifier is decided according to filter element quality, filter water quality and filter water quantity. usually, the user will ask how long the filter element can be used or how much water can be filtered by the filter element, which is the filter element life. how much time or how much water to express the filter element life, is a popular way to express, but not a scientific way to express, these two statements are extremely inaccurate. the scientific method should refer to the amount of pollutants treated by the filter element. once the filter element is used, the filter element's ability to deal with pollutants begins to decline until its ability to deal with pollutants finally disappears, which is the filter element's life. the use process of filter element is a process of reducing the ability to deal with pollutants, which can also be said to be the consumption process of filter element. just like dry battery, there is no warranty. use long all want to change.

first: water purifier system water smaller. the first suspect should be whether to change the filter element. under the same conditions (such as the same water pressure and temperature), the water produced by the purifier becomes less. it is likely that the filter element is blocked. if the filter element of the water purifier is close to its service life, then it is necessary to replace the filter element of the water purifier with a new one.

second: ro reverse osmosis water purifier makes water too fast. the water output of the water purifier is obviously accelerated, which is generally caused by the damage of ro membrane. at this time, we must replace a new ro membrane, or the water purifier will completely lose its filtration function. can bring bad effect to human body.

third: water purifier outlet taste is very bad. such a case is because the filter element of water purifier filters too many impurities and bacteria, accumulated in the filter element for too long, resulting in secondary pollution of tap water. a lot of dirt sticks around the rim of the filter element. this also tells us that we need to change the filter element.

replacement method of filter element of water purifier

first, close the machine water valve

it is important to close the machine water valve (if there is no three-way ball valve on the water purifier, you need to close the home water valve), and then open the tap to empty the water in the water purifier; this is the first step of replacement.

second, turn off the water

close the three-way valve of the water purifier, remember not to open the filter element cover directly, first close the water source, before the operation, or it will be clear and dirty.

third, open the cover of the filter element for washing

generally, the cover of filter element is in rotation mode. rotate in the correct direction according to the label, and take out the old filter element in the water purifier. remember to rinse the water purifier when taking it out. it can be replaced in a few minutes. then put the parts back together. the last thing you need to do is to open the plating ball valve and run the machine for 2 hours until the water purifier is working properly before connecting the pressure bucket ball valve to the water pipe. check to see if there are any problems.

in a word, water purifier occupies a very important position in our daily life. what is emphasized here is the replacement of filter element. usually, there will be some abnormal phenomena when the filter element is replaced. because do not change filter element for a long time, water purifier can not achieve the role of purifying water resources, but also to our bodies.

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