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hydrogen rich water machine

national retail price: 1. 12800 yuan of hydrogen flow 150ml / min

2. 19800 yuan with hydrogen flow rate of 300ml / min

3. the hydrogen flow rate of 600 ml / min was 26800 yuan

product features:

1. lcd display, intelligent technology

2. hydrogen and oxygen separation technology

3. drinking water: hydrogen concentration 800 ~ 1100ppb

(titrant test data of self inspection laboratory)

4. hydrogen absorption: hydrogen flow rate: 150ml / min, 300ml / min, 600ml / min

5. heating: water temperature can be adjusted to 45 degrees (milk), 80 degrees (tea), 95 degrees (hot water), no matter what temperature is hydrogen rich water

6. detoxification: start the function of internal cleaning, which can make fruit and vegetable detoxification water.

7. fourth generation multi cavity compression spe technology

8. . suitable for purified water / mineral water

9. . weak alkalinity (water adjustable)

10. there was no change in tds value of hydrogen production water

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