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product features:

1. it adopts unique capsule design, classic and durable, and the top touch interface conforms to human operation habits;

2. the operation status of the circular display interface is clear at a glance, and the touch design is simple to use;

3. the multi-level water temperature / two-stage water volume regulation can meet the daily drinking water demand, and the safety child lock function can protect children from scalding;

4. professional setting of mother and baby, tea making function, convenient and fast daily use;

5. filtering and heating one-stop, 3 seconds hot drinking water without waiting, that is, hot drinking water can avoid the trouble of boiling water;

6. pp cto ro gold combination can effectively remove rust, sediment, colloid, residual chlorine and other impurities;

7.5l water tank to meet the daily use of household users;

8. the filter element is designed to be replaced quickly and screwed in place;

9. various heating protection functions are safe to use, and the self recovery function of dry burning is convenient and practical, and no disassembly and assembly is required for dry burning;

10. ntc fast induction feedback ensures the accuracy of outlet water temperature;

11. separation design of strong and weak current can effectively improve the safety performance of products;

12. no need to install, plug and play, no installation trouble;

product specification:
400mm * 200mm * 440mm

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