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with the continuous heating up of the national real estate market and the increasing purchasing power of consumers, the taste of life is constantly improving. the home furnishing market has huge potential. however, there are always two sides to every coin. while there is potential for development, there is also a brewing crisis. due to the continuous expansion of home furnishing stores, there is a crisis of cooperation between stores, merchants and manufacturers.

"the essence of competition is half a step faster than others." want to break out in this crisis, "household is custom-built" it is a good way! want on the one hand "fast", on the other hand must want to satisfy consumer "individual character requirement", can provide complete service on the other hand.


at present, the household related manufacturers to sell household products in the form of direct sales trend is increasingly significant. it shortens the distance between the producer and the end consumer, on the one hand can reduce the channel cost, and on the other hand can strengthen the communication and contact between the producer and the consumer.

"personality diy"

in the information explosion of the internet age, consumers can basically do not go out to know the world. especially large and medium cities consumers, the opportunity to stay indoors is relatively more, and shows a growing trend. so, to cooperate consumer to the requirement of indoor environment, put forward household on consumption market "individual character diy" project, make household according to the specific requirement of consumer, can attract the eyeball of consumer more.


home customization in terms of its home category is divided into many kinds, starting from the decoration style, quality to the purchase of home appliances, furniture. bridal chamber decorates it may be said to be a troublesome matter, consumer wants to decorate bridal chamber as far as possible in short time on the one hand good, have the hope to decorate to be able to accord with oneself requirement on the other hand, but often be contrary to one's wishes actually. if you can integrate all categories of unified display to consumer choice, it may be said that the concept of home customization to play a better.

let's imagine how nice and convenient it is when some newly purchased consumers walk into a particular shopping mall and turn the imaginary "dream new house" into reality in the process of entering and exiting the shopping mall. take furniture as an example, already had the manufacturer to offer diy service to consumer at present, no matter arrive the design of furniture greatly, style or fine to the specific size of furniture, color, the manufacturer can satisfy its demand basically. but this is not "complete". or, we can get a feel for it in ikea.

the ikea brand has always been associated with improving people's quality of life and adhering to the business philosophy of "providing affordable, well-designed, functional and low-cost household products to as many customers as possible". at the entrance of each ikea store, there are unique home friendly demonstration units and professional interior designers for consumers. below the big premise that has decided in the style, sell the wall paper that next place offers, floor to sofa, pillow all should area, seek to offer one-stop service to consumer.

of course, ikea furniture is a relatively single diy product with fixed product attributes, mainly featuring "well-designed, fully functional and low price". however, the manufacturer fails to get consumers' demands and feedback, and there is no zero-distance communication between the manufacturer and end consumers. still, ikea is off to a good start with a "complete" furniture customization model.

it will be a trend to integrate all home furnishing categories, directly obtain consumers' individual needs and establish good and effective customer service.

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