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issuing time:2019-08-01 10:35

nowadays, people's living standard is generally improved, people pay more and more attention to healthy drinking water life, which makes many water purifier market gradually expand, followed by let water purifier agent to join the project is more and more popular, it can be said that the prospect is broad, the market is a bright.

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there are a lot of water purifier agents are thinking, which brand of water purifier?

1. know whether the manufacturer has the capacity of production efficiency and quality assurance

all want to do purifier agent franchisee know, if the product is not their own production, once the problem, the risk is not said, after-sales treatment is a big problem. according to the survey of water and electricity environment in previous years, nearly 70% of water purifiers are unqualified. water purifiers are different from other products, and they are related to people's drinking water health. therefore, it is important to ensure the quality and safety when choosing the brand of water purifier.

don't go for low-cost products

speaking of this, the water purifier agent franchisees must not be confused by the low price, we all know, it is necessary to negotiate with the water purifier manufacturers to obtain profit margins.

third, pay attention to the support and advantages of manufacturers

to do a water purifier agent franchisee, it is necessary to understand the advantages of the manufacturer is what, whether there is a long-term plan, what support and help, these are must pay attention to the place. does the after-sales service system perfect, water purifiers, after all, is different from traditional household appliances, enterprises can not do without their after-sales service, if the water purifiers agent sales of products and eventually after-sales problems, not only will cause consumer complaints, and will affect their brand reputation, finally own water purifier agents, water treatment agents when examining the manufacturer must sharpen one's eyes to look clear.

finally, it is necessary to go to the factory on the spot, the manufacturer has a good sales method is also very important! furenda air system water cooler believes that all investors are farsighted, as long as pay attention to the above three do the water purifier agent franchisee can do better.

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