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with the popularization of water purification knowledge, many households and enterprises have installed water purifiers. but water purifier installation needs to pay attention to a lot of, only in accordance with the correct way to install, to play the effect of water purifier! what details should be paid attention to when installing a water purifier? however, water purifier is not a consumer product. in daily life, it is inevitable that there will be some problems in the process of use. therefore, it is necessary for users of water purifier and consumers who want to buy water purifier to understand some matters needing attention.

i. precautions and details for water purifier installation

1. choose the right location

installation of household water purifiers, first of all, to choose the right place, the installation location of choice will be subject to the original water pipeline, and consider whether it's a good water, sewage is convenient, will it be convenient for electricity, maintenance is convenient, the cold weather will frost crack, and coordinate with integral space is beautiful, in addition to avoid children touch. household type pre-filter is the first coarse filter equipment for the whole house water, generally installed in the water meter, can filter the tap water in the sand, rust, large particles, but also can stabilize the water pressure, protect the water purification equipment behind. the central water purification is connected to the back end of the pre-filter to remove the sediment, rust, bacteria, suspended matter, algae, macromolecular organic matter and other harmful substances that may be contained in the water. the water softener is connected from the central water purifier to the toilet to provide water for bathing and other functions. the straight drinking machine is usually connected from the back end of the central water purifier and placed in the kitchen or living room.

check local water quality

when installing water purifiers in different places, you also need to observe the local water quality. if you are using municipal tap water, you can just install it. if the local water quality is poor, there are large particle impurities, silt, etc., it is recommended to install a prefilter, which can effectively extend the service life of the filter element and improve the filtration effect. if the water pressure is low in some places, the water purifier does not work properly, you need to install a separate booster pump. if it is a special place, such as the elevator room, there will be water pressure instability, you need to install a pressure regulator valve. the installation site of water purifier must not be placed in the place exposed to the sun, or it will lead to the accelerated aging of the internal filter element, affecting the water quality.

3, in the selected location of the hole, the depth, spacing should be accurate, the hole should be smooth, the hole can not have cracks or gaps, burrs.

4, in connection with the water pipe, first close the tap water valve, and then connect the water purifier, the interface to wrap tape, can not leak.

5, when installing the faucet, if you want to install the faucet on the sink, the stainless steel sink can be used to open holes, if you want to fix the faucet on the wall, can use right angle faucet hanging pieces to fix the faucet on the wall, the fixed part must be tightened, no shaking.

6. open the total inlet ball valve, debug the water purifier, and observe whether the joint is leaking. the observation period is at least 2 hours.

water purifier installation is not very high-tech technology, if you do not want to install their own, can also find "water experts", professional personnel to help install, after all, only installed, will not affect the use of the future.

ii. precautions for use of household water purifier

1. turn on the faucet, water inlet and all faucets of the water purifier for the first time and rinse for about 15 minutes to flush the protective liquid in the water purifier and ensure the water quality safety in the future.

2. if the water purifier is not used for more than three days, it shall be repeatedly flushed for 3-5 minutes when it is used again until the water in the water purifier is exhausted.

3. the ro membrane should be kept in the wet state after the water purifier is used. if ro membrane filter core dry, will lead to a sharp decline in water production and can not be restored.

4. the total water yield of the water purifier is related to the inlet water quality of the water purifier. if the inlet water quality of the water purifier is good, the total water yield will increase; otherwise, if the inlet water quality is poor, the total water yield will decline, and the service life of the filter element will be slightly shorter.

5. in the case that the tap water stops flowing into the water, please turn on the tap for 2-3 minutes, and turn on the water purifier inlet switch after the water is clear.

6. long-term use of water purifier will gradually reduce the water yield, but the water quality is still qualified, you can rest assured to use.

7. wash the water purifier frequently when it is in use, which can effectively extend the service life of the water purifier. filter element of water purifier needs to be changed regularly, and it is better to use filter element of water purifier manufacturer, unqualified filter element, will have a serious impact on the whole water purifier.

when the water purifier fails, please immediately turn off the water inlet switch of the water purifier, cut off the power supply, contact the after-sales personnel of the manufacturer and business in time, and do not disassemble by yourself. if the warranty period is exceeded, the water expert of the third-party after-sales service platform of water purification equipment can be found to help repair, and the professional staff is trustworthy.

the use and installation of household water purifier notes through the above introduction i believe we have a certain understanding, i hope we pay attention to the above content in the future installation and use, ensure the correct installation and use, so that the family can drink healthy water, together for the family's healthy drinking water environment escort!

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