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issuing time:2019-08-01 10:28

with the rise and boom of the water purifier market, water purifier has gradually become a necessary water household appliances, consumers have such questions, water purifier filter element belongs to consumables, "household water purifier filter element how long to change". at present, the water purifier industry is in rapid growth, many water purifier brand on the market, water purifiers variety, wide variety, different water purifier filter technology and the structure is different, but in general, now most commonly used water purifier filter core is divided into the following kinds, as well as the water purifier filter element change how long a time, summarized as follows: water purifier (water machine), the service life of the filter element name.

1. hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane (uf) filter core for 3 years or more

2. reverse osmosis membrane (ro) filter element has been used for about 3 years

3, fine washing coconut shell activated carbon filter element for half a year to a year

4, bulk sintered activated carbon (cto) filter element for half a year to a year

5. pp cotton filter element for 3-6 months

6. kdf filter element lasts 2-3 years

7, maifanshi (tourmaline) filter element half a year to a year

8. ceramic filter element for half a year to one year 9

9. set activated carbon (small t33, large t33) filter element for about a year

10, negative ion energy ball filter element for six months to a year

11. soften the filter element for about half a year

12. magnetize the filter element for half a year to a year

13, silicon phosphorus fine filter element 2-- 3 years

14, quartz sand filter element about 1--2

15, manganese sand filter element (ff) half a year to a year

in general, different filtering process and filter water purification technology characteristics and service life have different functions, water purifiers, water purification machines) filter element belongs to consumable materials, has the certain service life and the actual service life also depends on local water quality condition and the use of the frequency and quantity, often wash is helpful to extend the service life of water purifier filter core.

easy mistake in using filter element of water purifier:

filter element is the main components of water purifier, we want to know what brand of water purifier, it is necessary to look at the quality of filter element. a good filter element may cost several hundred yuan, which may be very expensive for ordinary families. so, some people may ask: is there a water purifier without changing the filter element?

filter element of water purifier must be replaced. there is no water purifier without filter element. just, different filter element, change time is different. at present, some filter elements on the market is known as 5 years do not change, in fact, small make up feel is some boast of the taste in it.

usually we use household water purifier, the filter core is generally: ro reverse osmosis membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, pp cotton filter core, activated carbon filter core and so on. among them, the replacement time of pp cotton filter element and activated carbon filter element is about 3 to 6 months. ro reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane, which play the core role, generally can be used for 2 to 3 years.

in addition, the quality of inlet water and the use frequency of the water purifier will affect the life of the filter element.

why to change the filter element of water purifier

that is because, water purifier filter element isolates the impurities in the water, the release of clean water, and these filter elements block the magazine, after washing and can not be thoroughly washed clean, a long time, the impurities more and more will bet match water purifier. in fact, a water purifier that gets clogged up is a good water purifier, a good filter element, which proves that it works.

so, is there a water purifier that doesn't need to change the filter element? the answer is: no. however, we should not think that filter element is expensive, so we do not buy water purifier, we buy water purifier for drinking and cooking soup can use good water, so it is worthwhile and necessary to spend some money on filter element.

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