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issuing time:2019-08-01 10:26

the filter element used shows the water quality in reality. the water we live in may not be what we see.

it is believed that every family attaches importance to drinking water health. however, the mixed brands of water purifiers in the market make buyers hesitant to choose, which requires consumers to fully understand the points to be paid attention to before buying water purifiers:

there is no sanitary approval

whether the water purifier brand has the state issued "sanitary permit for water-related products" (sanitary permit for short) the sanitary permit is the same as driving requires a driver's license;

if do not take a sanitary approval, so in the selection will be careful;

because the inspection of sanitary approval is very strict and expensive, ordinary small companies will not handle it

no promise never change the core

if someone told you that their water purifier does not need to change the filter element, then this is 100 percent of the people;

the water purifier filter uses the physical filtration method to trap the harmful impurities in the water.

pp cotton trap sediment rust colloid, activated carbon is adsorption through the process of the water toxic and harmful substances filtration, use for a period of time, activated carbon will be ineffective, no filtration effect after the failure, and will cause secondary pollution.

theoretically, the replacement time of filter elements at all levels of water purifier:

(1) hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane (uf) filter core for more than three years (note: the ultrafilter itself contains automatic flushing);

2. reverse osmosis membrane (ro) filter element for about 2 years;

3, fine washing coconut shell activated carbon filter element for half a year to a year;

4, bulk sintered activated carbon (cto) filter element for six months to one year;

5. pp cotton filter element for 3-6 months;

6. kdf filter element for 2-3 years;

7. maifanshi (tourmaline) filter element for six months to one year;

8. ceramic filter element for six months to one year;

9, far infrared mineralized ball filter element for about a year;

10. set activated carbon (small t33, large t33) filter element for about a year;

11, negative ion energy ball filter element for six months to a year;

12. soften the filter element for about half a year;

13. magnetized filter element for six months to one year;

14. silicon phosphorus fine filter element for 2-3 years;

15. quartz sand filter element about 1--2;

16. manganese sand filter element (ff) for six months to one year;

17. nano filter element for 2-3 years;

therefore, water purifier needs to continue and play the role of water purification by changing the filter element, just like our cars need refueling to drive.

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