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issuing time:2019-08-01 10:25

there is no value in simply increasing life expectancy rather than improving quality of life. healthy life expectancy is more important than long life. in life, we find that there are many people who suffer from senile diseases at a young age, such as alzheimer's disease, triple height disease, asthma, fatigue and so on.

change your attitude towards life and live a healthy and high quality life! in fact, in real life, if we learn to drink water, the effect is better than taking medicine.

drink water and take calcium supplements:

calcium is extremely important for human health. it is not only the main component of bones and teeth, but also has many important physiological functions. calcium is widely involved in hormone secretion, signal transduction, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, fertilization of germ cells and implantation.

long-term calcium deficiency increases the risk of vascular sclerosis, hypertension, gallstones, kidney stones, diabetes and colorectal cancer.

drinking water contains more calcium, and drinking water to supplement calcium biological utilization rate is good, is the body's high quality calcium source. multiple population intervention experiments showed that drinking calcium-rich water had positive effects on bone remodeling biomarkers and bmd parameters.

drink more water to prevent stones:

due to the high incidence and recurrence rate of urinary calculi, prevention is especially important. no matter what the composition of stones, drinking more water, is a good way to prevent stones, especially chefs, surgeons, pilots, such as the high incidence of urinary stones, the daily urine volume of more than 2,000 ml.

according to medical research, small differences in habitual water intake can lead to big changes in mood and physical sensations over the years.

water, the magical source of life given by nature to human beings! water is the most important health product we should invest in for ourselves.

all the discomfort of the human body is not suddenly formed, since the disease is cumulative after the outbreak, so conditioning is gradually effective. water plays a vital role in the human body and is subtly altered. learning to drink more water today will save you a lot of money in the future.

for the human body, drinking plenty of good water can reduce the production of acidic substances, activate the cell function of the body, and promote metabolism:

1, improve sleep: regulate autonomic nerve, promote deep sleep.

2, healthy weight loss: water helps food break down into small particles, promote their digestion, absorption and metabolism, reduce the accumulation in the body.

3, eliminate constipation: water is the best pour agent, can prevent the generation of constipation.

4, ease fatigue: water helps reduce fatigue, provide us with energy, make us more energetic.

5, eliminate stains: easy to be absorbed by the skin, fade stains, repair the skin, moisturize and whitening.

6, prevent arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction: water can dilute the blood, prevent blood coagulation.

7. anti-cancer and anti-aging: water can restore the hematopoietic mechanism of bone marrow to normal, and help prevent leukemia and lymphoma, greatly improving the efficiency of bone marrow immune system, so water can also improve the efficiency of cancer prevention.

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