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nearly 200 people in the village have died of cancer, and media reports have linked water pollution -九游会ag官方网站

issuing time:2019-08-01 10:19

the liver is our body's most important metabolic and detoxifying organ and is the only one without pain nerves. therefore, the health of the liver is often neglected, which is why liver cancer is advanced once discovered.

the liver is responsible for detoxifying and metabolizing sugars, fats and proteins in our bodies, as well as most of our metabolism and the transformation of toxic substances.

the age of liver cancer patients in our country is 40 ~ 50 years old, and male is more common than female. its incidence has been increasing in recent years.

the annual mortality rate of liver cancer is the second highest in china, and ranks the third among the malignant tumors of digestive system, second only to gastric and esophageal cancers. hepatitis b, c, cirrhosis, hepatocellular necrosis with hepatocellular regeneration process prone to malignant change.

among them, various carcinogenic substances such as aflatoxin, organic carcinogens, chemicals, algae toxins and polluted water sources can also cause cancer.

serious pollution of drinking water quality is one of the important causes of liver cancer

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