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issuing time:2019-08-01 10:19

with the endorsement of premier li, the state council issued the guiding opinions entitled "the state council on giving full play to the leading role of new consumption and accelerating the cultivation and formation of new supply and new driving force". the guiding opinions explicitly listed water purifiers as "green consumption" for emphasis (guofa [2015] no. 66). "this is the first time that the senior government officials have mentioned water purifiers in an official document, indicating that the role of the water purifier industry in promoting ecological protection has been recognized by the state, which is a subversive turn for the whole water purifier industry.

so far, water purifiers will have a new name: green appliances.

water purifiers are included in the green consumption list

in the third part of the file "consumption upgrading in key areas and the direction of" description "green consumption", clear the "water" as emphasis on green consumption, the specific content is: the concept of ecological civilization and the concept of green consumption is becoming more and more thorough popular feeling, green consumption from ecological organic food to air purifiers, water purifiers, energy saving of water-saving appliances, green home appliance, green building materials to save resources, improve the environment of goods and services. this will promote the vigorous development of circular economy, ecological economy and low-carbon economy, and provide a large number of investment and entrepreneurship opportunities for technological research and development, production and service capacity improvement and infrastructure construction in the fields of ecological agriculture, new energy, energy conservation and water conservation, comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection and pollution control, ecological protection and restoration.

what is green appliances? as we know, tv, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner and so on are all green appliances. he represents energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon, no pollution, every family must. in the next few years, water purifiers will be the focus and direction of consumption upgrading.

we don't have a tv or a washing machine at home now, and we all feel something is missing. similarly, in the next few years, if your friends come to your home, if you do not have a water purifier installed in the house, it is estimated that you pour water he dare not drink.

what's the use of the water purifier?

simply by cleaning up the water,

specific for the function of the water purification machine is to filter the floater in the water, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, residual chlorine, sediment, rust, microorganisms, etc to get rid of, it has a high precision filtration, water purification machine is not only applicable to water pollution serious areas, also can filter to the conventional residual chlorine in tap water, at the same time can improve water taste.

take the four-stage reverse osmosis water purifier as an example (five levels, one level and one micron pp cotton filter element). the raw water enters the pp cotton filter element (coarse filter) through the water inlet through the pe pipe. then the water solenoid valve into the booster pump (water pressure increases to 0.65 mpa), and then enter the pre - activated carbon, eliminate peculiar smell of the different color in the water, organic matter, residual chlorine, the filtered water can meet the demands of ro membrane into the water, and then filtered water enter ro filter, the most effective to remove the water calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic matter, metal ions and radioactive substances, etc. here to be divided into two steps, the waste water generated by the filter is removed through the waste water mouth, the filtered pure water into the rear activated carbon, the main role of the rear activated carbon is to improve taste, the filtered pure water can be directly drunk. other models work on similar principles.

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