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issuing time:2019-08-01 10:17

driven by the current environment, many forward-looking investors are learning about the water purifier industry. i have to say, these investors are very forward-looking. in the case that water pollution cannot be effectively solved within a short period of time, the market potential of water purifiers is unlimited. the rapid development of the water purifier market at present, water purifier manufacturers are mushrooming like a lot more. many investors have chosen to have the strength, the scale is sufficient, the reputation good factory carries on the investment cooperation. so how to expand the market after joining water purifier! below the united states water purifier to share several ways to expand the market, for franchisees friends reference learning.

1. investigate the market demand

the main selling product is to the actual needs of customers as the center, for selling water purifiers, water purifiers franchisees for the local water situation, the consumption level, people's health consciousness, such as investigation, because of the different parts of the water quality is different, we would recommend water purifiers will also vary, not a single recommended water purification products to customers, because according to its functional requirements, price positioning to meet the needs of the local users. in this way, the corresponding market sales, there will be better sales.

2. reasonable use of multiple channels for sales

the development of sales channels is also an important link for franchisees. the development of new channels must be unique, such as stationed in large home appliances, building materials shopping malls, supermarkets to engage in promotional display, community cooperation booth promotion, find related home appliances and home decoration building materials channel sales. each franchisee has its own unique sales channels to communicate.

3. trained and improved sales staff skills

every customer will encounter various kinds of marketing every day. as one of them, how can you show the most special side of you to the customer and the importance of your product to him, so that he can't wait to cooperate with you, rather than let him think that you are selling things for the sake of selling things! this requires water purifier agents to train and improve the skills of sales staff, not to deliberately fun consumers.

4. increase publicity efforts to improve potential customers' purchasing awareness

water purifier is relatively new for the whole small household appliance industry, and consumers generally do not know much about it, so more publicity activities are needed to build brand awareness. propaganda water purifier should therefore through community activities, promotional activities, roadshows activities such as drinking water safety knowledge and field test, free tasting, and other forms of propaganda can be interactive, in the advertisement form color pages, graphic, video and other aspects of the design also need to carry the popular science knowledge of drinking water, etc, for consumers to increase awareness of buy water purifier.

5. establish good after-sales service and build good reputation

now enterprise product quality is one hand, there is a very important aspect is the service. customers have high requirements for water purifier service, so in the case of numerous products, our service should make customers trust enough, and feel our integrity and focus for the first time. good service, word of mouth naturally good, naturally formed word of mouth marketing will gradually form.

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