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what can a water purifier block for the body? look at the changed filter element, you're making fun -九游会ag官方网站

issuing time:2019-08-01 10:37

tap water looks clean

in fact, there are more impurities than you can imagine

such as heavy metals, sediment, rust, chemical residues, residual chlorine and so on

take a look at these filters taken out of the water purifier below

a white filter element with a completely coffee-colored surface

take a look at the filter element below

it's like coming out of a garbage dump

it's hard to imagine without a water purifier

all this garbage will get into our bodies

now i know, why

the united nations health organization says:

water pollution is linked to 80% of the world's diseases and 50% of child deaths

drinking poor water quality directly caused by more than 50 diseases

the chinese center for disease control and prevention confirmed

the high incidence of cancer is directly related to water pollution

why do we have better medical care now

more and more chronic diseases and cancers?

cctv reports that one person is diagnosed with cancer almost every six minutes

do you have the heart to give your family a drink like this?

if there is no water purifier

our bodies act as water purifiers

filter all waste and toxins

for the health of the family

a water purifier is crucial

filter harmful substances, it is necessary to protect health!

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