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issuing time:2019-08-01 10:29

the main function of a water purifier is to filter and purify water and, in theory, to make it cleaner. however, many users have reported that the water coming out of the water purifier at home feels even dirtier, which also happens in the water purifier after the filter element is replaced. tap out of the water with white foam and bubbles, but also a layer of oil, why?

let's start with the cause of oil flowers. in order to ensure the water permeability of the filter element, the water purifier will apply a layer of modifier (hydrophilic agent/protective liquid) on the surface of the filter element to change the hydrophobicity of the filter element film and make it more hydrophilic. therefore, after the water purifier is first used or the filter element is newly changed, the water surface may appear a layer of oil. however, the powder can rest assured that the modified hydrophilic agent and protective liquid belong to medical and edible levels, which are basically harmless to human body. if qin fen people feel that this pan oily water diaphragm, only in the new installation of water purifier or after the replacement of the filter element, turn on the tap to discharge water, let the water in the water purifier filter film thoroughly rinse it can be!

the turbid bubbles and bubbles in the water are due to the release of water molecules after they have been suppressed for a long time. tap water is pressurized during pipeline transportation, and water is pressurized by a booster pump when it passes through a water purifier, especially through a ro membrane, which causes a lot of gas to dissolve in water. when the water is released from the tap, the gas is forced to dissolve in water with a vent release window, the instantaneous expansion becomes larger, which becomes the visible bubbles in the water. when this happens, simply leave the released water to rest for a few minutes and the bubble problem is solved.

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